Effective content creation in collaboration with Swiss Sense for a successful online product launch of boxspring Home 105.

Elevate Digital assisted Swiss Sense in developing a content framework for creating content for product launches focused on value proposition. We applied this framework during the launch of the new boxspring Home 105.

Step 1: Creative Session & Research | Value proposition of boxspring Home 105 compared to other products in the Swiss Sense collection and the market offering.

In a creative session with Swiss Sense, both the value proposition and positioning of boxspring Home 105 were thoroughly discussed, with a focus on probing deeper and getting to the core. Based on this, the key messages and features of the boxspring emerged. Furthermore, this information was enriched with an extensive competitive analysis and analysis of the customer journey. The benefits were validated with the target audience through consumer research conducted by Swiss Sense.

strategy & designs

In Step 2, we employed the FBI method (Feature, Benefit, Impact) to craft an effective content strategy for boxspring Home 105. This method allowed us to identify and communicate the key features and benefits of the product, demonstrating its value to customers clearly and persuasively. By translating these elements into various content types, we effectively showcased why boxspring Home 105 is the best choice for our target audience.

Step 3: Visual Content Creation

Visual content creation is a crucial component of our approach, designed to complement the copy using the FBI method. We explore strategic directions to effectively spotlight our products and convey their key USPs. Progressive disclosure is one of the most effective methods here. By visually presenting information about boxspring Home 105, we expedite information absorption by the target audience, fostering a quicker connection to the product and brand. It’s a potent tool for supporting product launches and visually conveying the product benefits. In this regard, we also provided a briefing to the photographer to highlight the boxspring’s key features.

Did you know that our colleague Bart Koomen served as a model for the photography of boxspring Home 105?


  • Social Ads: Higher conversion rates and lower CPAs.
  • Social Organic: Product content for boxspring Home 105 outperforms the average product content in terms of click-through rates.
  • The New PDP: Encourages deeper scrolling and longer page engagement.
  • Boxspring Home 105 has become one of the (many) popular boxsprings in Swiss Sense’s collection.
  • Swiss Sense will continue to use this framework for effective content creation as the foundation for future product launche.

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