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Roan Interior Design had a clear need: the old branding no longer represented who they were. They required a fresh, modern, and warm brand identity that reflected their values and vision. Our mission was to create a strategic design solution that would enhance Roan’s brand experience and communicate their essence to their clients.

ROAN is not just an interior design firm; it is the Managing Partner of your interior project. ROAN’s approach ensures a seamless journey, from the smallest details to the grand vision. Always present, always focused, and surrounded by the best talent, ROAN transforms renovations into enjoyable, stress-free experiences. Their brand exudes modernity, warmth, quality, and luxury, with a material palette of wood and natural stone and colors of taupe and sand.

our approach

At Studio Elevate, we believe in a holistic approach to design, one that captures attention and fosters meaningful connections. For Roan Interior Design, we went through several crucial phases:


  1. Brand Key Session with the Client Our collaboration began with an in-depth Brand Key Session. We delved into Roan’s core values, vision, and goals. This session laid the foundation for a branding strategy that resonated with their essence and ambitions.

  2. Translating Research into Branding Concepts Armed with insights from the Brand Key Session, we explored various branding concepts. Each concept was thoroughly researched and developed to align with Roan’s desired image of quality, luxury, and warmth.

  3. Collaborative Direction Setting We believe in the power of collaboration. Together with Roan, we reviewed the concepts and chose a direction that best represented their brand. This iterative process ensured that the final direction was a true reflection of Roan’s identity.

  4. Delivery of the Brandbook With a clear direction in mind, we created a comprehensive Brandbook. This document contained the visual and tonal guidelines of the brand, ensuring consistency across all touchpoints.

  5. Sketching the Homepage for Mobile and Desktop The next step was to bring the brand to life digitally. We created initial sketches for Roan’s homepage, tailored to both mobile and desktop experiences. These sketches were designed to be user-friendly, visually appealing, and true to the brand essence.

  6. Finalizing the Direction After feedback and revisions, we finalized the design direction. Every element was carefully reviewed and refined to meet our high standards and Roan’s expectations.

  7. Development in WordPress Our development team then took the final designs and built a robust, responsive website in WordPress. The focus was on creating a seamless user experience that was both functional and beautiful.

  8. Delivery and Launch The project culminated in the delivery and launch of Roan’s new website. The result is a modern, warm digital presence that perfectly reflects the essence and vision of the brand.


The new branding and website for Roan Interior Design reflect a refined, warm, and modern aesthetic. The use of wood and natural stone textures, combined with a taupe and sand color palette, evokes a sense of luxury and quality. The project not only met but exceeded Roan’s expectations, setting a new standard for their brand identity.

At Elevate Studio, we are proud of this collaboration and the joint journey that led to a brand transformation. We continue to push boundaries and deliver strategic design solutions that resonate with our clients and their audiences.

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