During the summer of 2021, we joined forces with bike label Popal and a myriad of talented partners to launch an elaborate brand campaign of unprecedented scope across the entire country.

Timeframe? One week. Main objective? Increasing brand awareness, generating more traffic to dealers and maximizing revenue through all distribution channels, including e-commerce.

Raising the brand awareness resulted in Popal achieving its sales targets through their own retailers. The multifaceted campaign employed video, display, social media, and discovery ads, strategically timed to coincide with the Netherlands’ bike season.

In a striking debut week, the campaign transcended expectations. Across social media platforms, the ads garnered an impressive 2.6 million views, with 100,000 users actively recalling their interaction with the content.  These pivotal insights now provide us with a head start for captivating an even wider audience in the future.

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