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NUOVO Scholen is the foundation for public secondary education in the city of Utrecht and the surrounding area. The foundation aims to provide and promote public secondary education in this region. The schools are anchored in Utrecht and actively seek connections with the city’s society.

NUOVO is currently facing a significant shortage of teachers, which made recruiting the right individuals quite challenging. As the teacher transfer season commenced in April, it was crucial for NUOVO to quickly develop a solid strategy and create engaging content to ensure an adequate number of teachers for the upcoming season.

To address this issue effectively, NUOVO required both short-term and long-term strategies, such as implementing a content calendar and utilizing advertisements. Additionally, NUOVO sought guidance and creative thinking to support its efforts.

Recruiting Educators

We are well aware of the critical importance of finding the right individuals to join educational institutions. We understand the significance of matching exceptional teachers with the specific schools that are part of NUOVO.


With this understanding, we named our digital advertising campaign “TalentSync” to signify our dedication to synchronizing talented educators with the schools that align with their skills and values. We believe in the power of connecting passionate teachers with the right educational environments to foster optimal learning experiences for students.


Through TalentSync, we empower NUOVO schools to build exceptional teaching teams that yield positive educational outcomes. We are passionate about facilitating connections and ensuring that students receive the best possible education from teachers who are not only qualified but also deeply committed to their growth and development.

recent win

Communicate Magazine has  rewarded our case with a Highly Commended Award at the Digital Impact Awards in London. Category: best use of digital from the educational sector.  

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